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In most cases, family members can visit a halfway house to support a recovering alcoholic. Ultimately, it depends on the person’s background and they might have to be approved by the staff members at the halfway house. Residents are usually required to attend regular house meetings, as well as individual and/or group therapy sessions. Otherwise, staff members from local support groups or alcohol rehabs will visit the premise to provide counsel.

In some instances, rehab facilities may refer a patient to a halfway house following treatment. Similarly, court-mandated treatment centers and/or the court may recommend or mandate that someone stay in a halfway house.12 Other times, residents seek out halfway houses of their own accord. A halfway house is a living facility where people go as a part of their drug rehab aftercare. As well as serving as a residence, halfway houses provide social, medical, psychiatric, educational, and other similar services. They are termed “halfway houses” due to their being halfway between completely independent living and in-patient or carceral facilities, where residents are highly restricted in their behavior and freedoms. Some halfway houses also have on-site
Alcoholics Anonymous and
Narcotics Anonymous meetings.

Sober Living Homes & Sober Living Communities

This is an important step in recovery because addiction may cause people to act in irresponsible ways, and the facility requires them to take responsibility for their room and board, etc. People living in sober homes usually have to pay their own rent, buy their own food, and do the same things they would do for themselves if they lived in a regular home. These facilities play a pivotal role in easing the transition from the intensely supportive environment of a rehab center to the autonomy of everyday life.

The schemes exploited overlapping American woes — addiction, soaring homelessness and a long history of disregard for Native American health. Some insurance plans may cover a portion of the cost of halfway house services, while others may not cover it at all. During your initial consultation with Oceans Recovery, we will do our best to place you in a facility that meets your insurance requirements. The cost of staying in a halfway house varies depending on the location and amenities offered, and whether or not residents are responsible for their own food and other expenses.

Halfway Houses: What Is a Halfway House?

Halfway House staff helps recovering addicts and former inmates reintegrate into society while living in a controlled environment. Some halfway house residents might be there because the court has required it as part of a sentence. While halfway houses assist recovering addicts, former inmates may come to live at a halfway house after finishing a prison sentence. Suppose you or your loved one feels the need to continue living in a sober community environment after your stay at a halfway home. In that case, you might want to look into sober living houses as the next step in your recovery journey.

  • Some houses also accept payments from Medicare or private insurance companies.
  • AddictionResource aims to present the most accurate, trustworthy, and up-to-date medical content to our readers.
  • During your initial consultation with Oceans Recovery, we will do our best to place you in a facility that meets your insurance requirements.
  • Selective halfway homes offer payment plans for residents who are able to demonstrate their commitment to clean living.

There would be a night of heavy drinking, then a regretful day spent piecing the previous evening together. But when the pandemic hit, Lola moved back in with her parents in London, and her drinking came to an abrupt halt. Lockdown, she says, presented her with an opportunity to step back from ingrained habits and address her anxiety issues.

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